How to simplify travelling with a baby

I just went on a 4 day trip with my infant son, which included a flight followed by an hour’s drive to our final destination. It was a short haul flight, only 1.5 hours, so a good way for me to test out my kits when doing my best to keep to one suitcase and one carry-on between the three of us (bubs, hubby and me).

I’ve created a video to show how I packed my carry on bag and what each mama organiser pouch contained. Other than the items you see in the video, I had a cardigan for myself and a baby blanket in case it was cold on the plane or I needed to create darkness for Kye to sleep.  

As it was only short haul, there wouldn’t be any meals given on the flight, only a cup of tea and a snack (not infant friendly), so I was really pleased that I had packed extras in our Meal Time Pouch so we could feed Kye at the airport before we boarded the plane. Also, as we were close to landing and couldn’t get out of the seat and head to the lavatories, I was super impressed that we could easily change Kye’s dirty nappy on the seat between us without creating any mess, throw it into the airline sickness bag provided to save me carrying it around, and change his clothes into something clean and dry after he had dribbled his water all over himself. I had all these items in their relative pouches beneath the seat in front and could do it all from my seat without fuss.

In a few months we’ll be travelling to Europe with the wee man, which will be a 37 hour journey including 3 flights both ways (when, oh when, will we invent instant teleportation?!) and I fully intend to travel equally as light, with the only difference being that we have the mama organiser Long Haul pack (coming soon) to allow space for many more meals and items to keep bubs comfy and entertained.

I’d love to hear about your best travel tips for flights or car journeys with a baby or toddler! Please share your must haves with the mama o’ community below.

Till next time!
Mama O