Why I choose to use Noissue Eco-Packaging

I’m really excited to have partnered with Noissue Co by aligning my brand with a world renowned eco-packaging company, who asked me to write a blog post for their website about why I started Mama O and how I came to use eco-packaging.

Everything you purchase from Mama Organiser will come gift wrapped in Noissue’s gorgeously personalised tissue paper and stickers, coloured with soy inks. Then your goodies are packaged in either a compostable mailer bag or a recyclable carton. I use 100% cotton twine that is totally biodegradable and for keeping your colourful cartons dry and clean upon delivery, I wrap them in robust, recycled kraft paper.

Read more about the partnership and why earth-friendly packaging is so important to me below, and I’d love to hear about any companies using awesome or beautiful packaging that you know of, or indeed packaging nightmares that should be avoided! (Like that one time when I received a test pot of paint the size of a bottle of nail polish that came in a huge box filled with plastic bubble wrap. I wrote a strongly worded letter to that company about the wastefulness and they said they’d change their ways - I hope more companies move to eco-packaging so this becomes the norm).


Mama Organiser was born out of a mixture of necessity and midnight inspiration during my many nights awake with a new baby.

During the time from when my son was born to the time he started eating solids at 6 months’ old, I was in a ceaseless search for the right products to fit my need to live as minimalist and clutter-free as possible (a by-product of having lived in tiny houses for several years) and yet still manage the day-to-day tasks of parenting with ease, so I could focus on enjoying being with my child. I also dreaded the thought of having to fill our small space with excessive amounts of baby gear.

In addition to that, and as every mother knows, being a new parent means you have days when you’ve not slept much, there’s baby food in your hair or you’re rushing out the door and forget to pack enough nappies. Oftentimes there’s an unspoken element too, where you feel on some small level that the identity you once had is getting lost in your newfound lifestyle. So, to ensure that all the essentials were taken care of without cramping one’s style or forcing one to replace things already owned and enjoyed with bulky, cumbersome “necessities”, I decided to create a series of parenting kits and nifty helpers that would take the guesswork out of what was needed for the changing stages of babyhood, to make it easier to do the small and relentless parts of being a parent, like changing nappies in public or food preparation and feeding, and create a brand that every kind of parent could get behind, whether they preferred to carry a Chanel handbag or a Kathmandu rucksack.

Inspired by one of my all time favourite quotes,

“where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time”

I also wanted Mama Organiser to be a mechanism by which I could let every parent who ordered a product know that they mattered, that they were valued and that I saw them for the hard working, self-sacrificing and warmhearted people they were, for they were doing the toughest job on earth! I wanted parents to know that I had taken the time to care for them, to put  thought and love into packaging up their items so that when they received them they felt excited, special and a little bit pampered, like they’d just come from a spa or received a surprise gift from a long lost loved one.

Design-wise, Mama Organiser needed to therefore be coherent, from the logos on a nappy bag pouch to the wheels on a natural wooden roller toy. Not being a designer myself but knowing how I wanted people to feel, I simply started with a pastel palette and played with colours and drawings until voilá, the result was a fun, playful and yet contemporary theme that I could thread throughout the product materials, packaging and website designs.


In a time where consumerism and waste is at its peak, I believe it’s essential that  all of us play our part in taking care of our planet. Imagine a world where all companies promoted products that were sustainable, long lasting, earth friendly and can be repurposed in some way - it’d be an unstoppable wave of change. Anyone who takes the time to package their wares carefully and beautifully without single use plastic, also always gets my vote. I thought about all the products I’d purchased in preparing for motherhood and not one arrived packaged in this way and it pained me. I couldn’t believe I was going to have strived so long to create products that would last for many years serving many children or purposes, only to be let down by having to pack them up in plastic bubble wrap and ugly courier bags, so the search for something different began. 

Enter, noissue. 

I honestly couldn’t believe my luck when I came across this company! Not only could I ensure my products arrived safely without the use of plastic, but I now had a whole packaging system that was in total alignment with the ethos of my brand - to be beautiful, sustainable and able to be recycled or repurposed in some way.

I’m so pleased to be able to share Mama O’s parenting kits with the world and help take the hassle out of everyday tasks, all whilst helping people and planet to feel a little more loved.