Kick-ass Working Mums - the Mother's Day Edition

I’m honoured to have once again been invited to feature in a post by Noissue co., who makes the eco-tissue all your Mama O goodies come wrapped in.

They’ve asked a couple of questions to 5 Mama-Bosses around the world - click the link to read the whole post, or check out an excerpt of my musings below.

If you’re a mumpreneur I’d love to hear about what you’re doing as a working mother too, so feel free to share your experiences below!


At noissue, we are proud to have some truly kick-ass mothers in our customer base, running successful eCommerce operations whilst also raising families. In honor of Mother’s Day 2019, we talked with five ‘mompreneurs’. We asked them two key questions: What does being a mother and a small business owner mean to them? What challenges have they faced in balancing their professional and family lives? 

Pascale Hennessey’s business was directly inspired by the adventures of motherhood; after sleepless nights with her newborn, she started thinking of a more minimalist approach to baby products. Having spent years living in tiny homes, she was determined to maintain a sustainable and clutter-free lifestyle. She began making parenting kits which contained all the essentials for busy parents, from feeding kits to nappy bags. Her resulting brand, Mama Organiser, aims to take the stress out of childcare and help parents to better enjoy their time with their children. 

With the inspiration for her brand so in line with her personal life, Pascale finds a lot of harmony between her identity as a mother and a business owner: 

“I truly believe that children will always feel loved if their parents spend enough quality time with them throughout their lives. My husband and I are both small business owners and so we’re all too familiar with the amount of work that goes into a new start-up, but the payoffs of being our own bosses are huge. I get to be a mum at the same time as being my creative self, producing something of value for other parents that is fun and and in line with what’s important to me, as well as being in line with where I am in life right now as a parent.”


Although having so much control over your work and family life can be an advantage, it can also be a burden as well. For Pascale, it’s learning to give up this control and relaxing a little which is the biggest challenge: 

“In this day where how busy we are and how much we’re achieving in life determines our worth, it’s easy to get caught up in your own kind of rat race, multi-tasking, ticking off lists and rushing around doing, doing, doing without taking time out to enjoy the ride. Coupled with the financial and productive ups and downs of owning a business, it didn’t take long before I learned that running on empty was a completely stressful and unsustainable way to live. Busy-ness doesn’t equal worthiness.

Motherhood helped me realise that in order to have a flourishing business, a happy marriage and a family life that’s congruent with our goals, I had to bring patience into the running of my business and I had to let go of the element of control a little, to surrender to however the day unfolds.”