Mama O Reviews - The Mountain Buggy Nano

I promised I would review this travel buggy after our nearly month-long trip around Europe and the UK, all the way from New Zealand, so grab a cuppa and relax, here we go!

If you want the quick answer to “is the Mountain Buggy Nano all its cracked up to be? Is it a worthy buy?” Bottom line, yes. Definitely.

Mountain Buggy Nano  Nautical Blue

Mountain Buggy Nano

Nautical Blue

I researched all sorts of travel prams and strollers to find what I hoped would be the solution to both travelling abroad and all that entails (planes, trains, taxis, cobbled streets, AirBNBs with no elevators so you’re carrying a pram up the stairs to your room…etc), and something that would fit in my small car for city trips when at home.

Fortunately all my research paid off and the Mountain Buggy Nano did not disappoint.

Below I’ll share my top 5 highlights of the buggy and a couple of tips that made use of this buggy on my trip even more of a life saver.

1. Unfolding with one hand

This is a must for top of the line buggies. I can handle using two hands to fold it up, because often you’ve put bubs into a car seat or on the floor to crawl or something similar, but when trying to open it up when you’ve just got off the train or out of a cab for instance, you don’t want the little one crawling around on the concrete or into the road whilst you unfold your buggy! I often held onto Kye in one arm whilst unfolding the Nano with the other, no problem.

The Nano does require two hands for folding up, but it’s quick and simple once you know how.

2. Recline, ventilation and shade

The recline function is so easy and although it doesn’t go completely flat (for a newborn), it is flat enough for a quick nap for an infant through to toddler years. There is plenty of ventilation with the mesh backing (crucial, given the fact we were in Europe during a heat wave!) and when a bit of darkness is required, there’s a flap that folds down to provide a little privacy. The sun hood is great for shade from the sun and if you pop a cover over the top for additional darkness during nap time, it provides a decent amount of support and space for air to circulate.

3. Storage

Such epic storage space!!! It is truly amazing how much one can fit in that seemingly little compartment underneath the buggy. Access is easy from the front and for more valuable items such as phones or wallets, access from the rear is easy for you, but harder for someone else. See my tips below for creating additional storage when shopping.

4. Flights


This baby packs down into a very easy to carry item when boarding flights. We took so many flights during this trip and every time, the Nano fit easily in the overhead locker. There’s a nifty shoulder strap attached and it comes with its own cover to keep the buggy clean and straps from getting caught whilst storing overhead.

You can also gate check the buggy to save having to take it onboard, and you know that that way it will be stored last in the hold, so less likely to be crushed by other baggage. See my tips below for making it around the airport without carrying the buggy whilst folded.

5. Nano by name, nano by nature

The Nano is so compact and so easy to get around, even when loaded up with a baby and a day’s worth of shopping. It is lightweight, it’s narrow so can get through even the tightest of spaces without much fuss and when folded, it takes next to no room in a car, train or plane. The beauty is that I never felt that Kye didn’t have enough space either, he was able to stretch out and relax in the buggy whilst we walked the streets of Paris with ease, through market stalls and boutiques. He slept in it many times and that allowed us to continue being out all day long without worrying about him being uncomfortable.

Hot Tips

  • When at the airport and not in use, don’t take the wheels off the buggy and pack them away as suggested. I left the wheels on and fixed the front wheels straight, so when in the airport I didn’t need to carry it on my shoulder, I used the shoulder strap to pull it around behind me like a piece of luggage. It still stows away perfectly fine with the wheels still attached.

  • There is plenty of space inside the travel cover to store other items like coats, extra parts for car seats (e.g. removable sun visor), toys, pram covers etc.

  • Without a doubt the best accessories I had on my Nano were my closed loop hooks. These hooks velcro-strap to your buggy’s handle and you can carry so much in the way of shopping bags it’s not funny. I do recommend closed loop though as opposed to open hooks, because you have less risk of bags jumping off if you’re moving about and you’re less likely to have someone be able to steal your shopping bags when your back is turned as the closing mechanism requires a bit of additional fiddling. In addition, the velcro strap keeps them in place so you don’t have bags sliding all over the handle bar during movement. For closed loop hooks, keep an eye out in the Nifty Helpers section of my store, as these are being stocked over the coming week or two.

I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know how you get on with your Nano or other travel buggy (the Yoyo I frequently saw in the UK seems a pretty close design to the Nano - do you have one? Comment below >>

Watch the blogosphere space for my top tips for travelling with a baby and the must haves if you plan to go abroad - these are things that literally saved my life on those long haul trips and for getting about minimally but with all the essentials to hand, in places where I didn’t know what facilities they had for parenting (seriously, some places are soooo far behind in providing adequate services for changing, feeding or just having a child with you at all!) I’m glad I was so well prepared and you will be too.

Mama O loves you!

Mama O’s Nano, complete with closed loop hooks and Nappy Bag Kit pouches

Mama O’s Nano, complete with closed loop hooks and Nappy Bag Kit pouches