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Food Prep & Feeding Kit

Whether preparing, storing or eating, these kits have you covered! Multi-purpose products made to last and with the environment in mind. Choose between two different sizes to suit the needs of your family.

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What’s in the Food Prep and Feeding Kit:

Freezer Pods.jpg

Food Pods

Dual-purpose, collapsible, food-grade platinum silicone freezer tray with click-on lids. Choose from pastel pink, pastel blue, light green.

Mama O sampled all types of freezer trays for baby food storage and these work the best for removing frozen purees and meals with ease. Each compartment holds a 1/4 cup volume. They can be used to carry fruit, nuts, sweets, crackers or other foods when not in use for freezing, or as a multi compartment snack tray for toddlers.

Yum Tubes.jpg

Yum Tubes

Food-grade silicone freezer tubes. For storing purees, yoghurts, smoothies or popsicles.

Great for prepping a single meal and you can either feed straight from the tube, empty into a bowl or defrost the night before by leaving it in the fridge and squeeze it into your Mama Organiser Super Spoon for feeding on the go the next day.

Choose from dark purple, bright pink, bright green, yellow, dark blue.


Li’l Creatures Coverall & Fun Brights Bibs

Waterproof feeding bibs with long sleeves and without. Design options to choose from: Owls with yellow sleeves or elephants with purple sleeves (both size small), pink elephants, rainbow zig-zag or zoo animals.

This bib fits snuggly into your Meal Time Pouch so you're prepared on the go. Keep one at home and one in your pouch so you’re never left without!

Super spoon 3.jpg

Super Dispenser Spoon

Food-grade silicone dispenser spoon. Mama O’s ultimate life-saver for feeding my baby both at home and away, as it made meal times tidier and much simpler (especially when bubs would get grumpy waiting for another serving!).

“The best thing was when we were out and about in town and I could feed bubs anywhere without the need for a high chair, and many people who passed me would remark about how handy this spoon was.” ~ Anna, mum of one

Silicone Baby Bowl.jpg

Bright Baby Bowl

The perfect size to feed from in the early stages and beyond. Easy to grip in one hand and is heat resistant (check food temperature first if you’ve heated in the microwave to avoid scalding!).

Non-breakable and with little handles for little hands.

Love You Baby Spoon Set.jpg

Love You Spoon Set

*Bonus Gift - Mama Mia Kit

Two silicone baby spoons per set - perfect for delicate gums.

Set comes with one green love spoon and one violet heart spoon.

These spoons make great chew toys and distractions for baby to play with when you’re feeding and they’re easy to hold as baby learns to feed herself.


Customise your Kit

Select either the Mini Me Kit or Mama Mia Kit to customise your colour and pattern selections for each item.