Parenting kits to help you live clutter free with class.

Whether changing nappies on the run, prepping food for your little one or organising baby play, our kits are designed to simplify your parenting tasks, whilst being stylish, space saving and eco-friendly at the same time.

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Nappy Bag Kit

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No more bulky bags, just grab the pouch you need and go!. Colour coded for ease, this kit is super classy for mamas on the go.

Feeding Kit

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Home made tastes best! Multi-purpose food storage and feeding tools - Everything you need to make meal time a breeze.

Playroom Kit

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Earth-friendly toys and storage ideas to keep playrooms clutter-free, allowing your little one to do what they do best, play!


Mama Organiser
Nifty Helpers

All products in our kits are available stand alone, as add-ons to your favourite kit, or to create your own baby shower gift set.

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